WWVREMC offers the following rates to members of the Cooperative based on type of service and availability as described for each rate schedule.

Category of Rates
Retail rates generally fall into twelve (12) categories, including Residential, General Service, General Service Large Transformer, Small Power, Large Power, Industrial Power, Economic Development, Irrigation, Distributed Generation, Time of Use, Security Lights, and Miscellaneous.  To view a copy of the rate, simply click on the hyperlink and the rate will be displayed in a pdf format.

Rate Schedule Documents


General Service

General Service Large Transformer

Small Power

Large Power



Industrial Power

Economic Development Rider

Security Light Rates

Appendix B Miscellaneous Charges Rate Schedule

Appendix A Wholesale Power Adjustment (WPA)

Distributed Generation Purchase Tariff

Time-of-Use Rates

Residential Time-of-Use

General Service Time-of-Use

Irrigation Time-of-Use

Small Power Time-of-Use

Large Power Time-of-use