Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up® grants surpass half million dollars

2018 was a great year for the WWVREMC Community Trust, Inc. Fund. Second quarter grants drove our amount over the $500,000 mark of total money given back. 

What does this mean? 
It means over $500,000 has been collected from our members through ORU since the start of the program.  It means over $500,000 has been given back to the communities we live in, for a variety of worthwhile community service projects, education and youth programs, in the WWVREMC service territory.

As a member of WWVREMC you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in our local communities by participating in the Operation Round Up® program.

How does it work?
Members who participate in the program have their electric bill rounded up each month and those few cents are deposited into a separate fund to be redistributed to worthwhile causes throughout our area that benefit our membership. The rounded up amount will be listed on your statement each month and is fully tax deductible. Bill statements received in January will also have the previous years’ total contribution for tax purposes. The maximum contribution from any one member is $11.88 per year.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Yes. All contributions to the Operations Round Up® fund are tax-deductible.

Who controls the funds?
The WWVREMC Community Trust, Inc. is a separate entity from the REMC with its own board of trustees appointed by our board of directors to oversee the fund. The current trustees are Bruce Cowen from Lynn, Craig Hale from Liberty, and Carol McQueen from Connersville. One trustee is from each district of the WWVREMC service territory to ensure representation for the whole area.


Who can apply?
Non- profit groups in the community can make application. The trustees’ responsibility is to evaluate those applications and distribute the funds according to the Trust’s bylaws. Application forms are available at the Whitewater Valley REMC office or can be downloaded here:

Application deadlines are the second Monday in January, April, July, and October.

What are possible uses of the funds?
The mission statement of Whitewater Valley REMC Community Trust, Inc. is to make a difference in our community by the accumulation and disbursements of funds for charitable purposes within the Whitewater Valley REMC service territory. Some examples of possible uses of the funds could be new equipment for a volunteer fire department, educational equipment for a school, lighting for a ball field, etc. It is not for past due electric bills or any kind of political contributions.

How do I participate?
The program is voluntary. Each new member is encouraged to participate and can sign up to do so by calling the REMC office.

What if someone becomes an “accidental” participant?
Anyone can withdraw from Operation Round Up® at anytime by contacting the REMC office and receive a refund for up to one year’s contribution.