Meet the Board of Directors & Staff

Meet the Board of Directors & Staff



Governance/Board of Directors

Whitewater Valley REMC is governed by a board of nine directors elected by and from the cooperative’s membership. The directors are responsible for establishing basic business policies, employ the President/CEO and work to carry out strategic planning.  Directors are elected to three-year  terms.

A director represents all members of Whitewater Valley REMC, not just the geographic region in which he or she resides.

Director positions total no more than three per district and are elected on a rotating basis of one director per district per year.

North District

  • Ryan Drake
  • Mark Miller
  • Joe Nocton, Vice Chairman

Central District

  • Jodie Creek, Secretary-Treasurer, Hoosier Energy Director
  • Rod West, Chairman
  • Garry Sayne

South District

  • Nathan Cantrell
  • Terry Hillman
  • Mark Singer, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 


Standing L to R: Terry Hillman, Rod West, Joe Nocton, Nathan Cantrell and Ryan Drake.
Sitting L to R: Mark Miller, Jodie Creek, Mark Singer and Garry Sayne.



  • President & CEO: Mary Jo Thomas
  • Chief Operating Officer: Mike Waltz
  • Operations Superintendent: Adam Carman
  • Director of Member Services & Corporate Relations: Sandy Cason
  • Director of Human Resources & Special Projects: Melody Ramey
  • Office Manager/Accountant: Kyle Jobe
  • Technology Administrator: Randy Ballinger
  • Operations & Engineering Coordinator: Wende Shipley




The Cooperative has been divided into three (3) districts for the purpose of member representation. The Cooperative’s territorial districts are defined as follows:

North District
Area north of I-70

Central District
Area south of I-70 and north of the following: Whitewater River and Fayette County Road 250 South to Wellsview Road, Wellsview Road to County Road 300 South, east to Union County Road 275 South to Dunlapsville Road, east on Dunlapsville to Retherford Road, east on Retherford to McDill Road, east on McDill to U.S. Highway 27, east on U.S. 27 to Union County/Butler County, Ohio Line.

South District
All areas south of the southern dividing line for the central section.