Electric Meters

Electric Meters

WWVREMC uses Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology for meter reading. The cooperative’s AMI system provides much more than a total kWh reading  Daily and hourly meter readings allow members to get involved in managing their energy use at home and in the workplace  Providing members with accurate and timely meter information helps you track your electricity usage throughout the month, so you can make smart decisions and control your electric costs. 

AMI provides WWVREMC the opportunity for innovation in billing and rate options. We can now detect system voltage readings and blink data. The AMI system allows the cooperative to determine system problem areas and where we need to focus on system improvements. 

How does my automated meter work?
With these AMI meters, WWVREMC can read the meter remotely from our central office. Information from the meter is sent back to the co-op over radio signal in hourly increments.

What are the benefits of AMI?
Improved efficiency

AMI is an investment in efficiency. With AMI the co-op can read meters remotely, reconnect remotely and locate outages more quickly and precisely. 

Remote meter reading and improved outage management saves the co-op money, a savings that will benefit our members. 

Improved reliability
AMI helps the co-op identify the location of outages and respond more rapidly to restore power and give customers more information. WWVREMC does recommend that members continue to call in, use their SmartHub account, or outage texting option to report outages, to ensure that the system is working properly.

Improved power quality
With more information coming from the meters and other new applications, the co-op can monitor the system better and improve power quality by reducing the number of spikes, blinks and surges.

No more estimated bills or self-reads
AMI improves the accuracy of meter reading. The meters eliminate the need for estimated reads or “self-reads,” which may be prone to human error. 

Access to data about power use.
AMI offers our member-consumers features such as information about their energy use via a web portal - SmartHub. Member-consumers also can choose whether to see hourly, daily or monthly data.   

What information is being recorded and stored?
Kilowatt use, blinks and voltage. 

Can you shut off household appliances without my knowledge?
No. We only communicate with our meters.

Can you tell if I am home or what I am doing?
No. We can only tell how much electricity you have used and when you have used it. 

Do you know when my power is out?  Do I still have to call to report a power outage?
While we can verify your power is out with our AMI system, we still require our member-consumers to call, text or report outages using their SmartHub account. 

Can I have the AMI meter removed by WWVREMC?
No. We do not offer an opt-out program. 

Are there any potential health impacts from a meter that can receive and send data?
Numerous government and private studies have shown health concerns to be baseless. Here is a summary with links to various studies.