Co-Op Owners For Political Action (COPA)

Co-Op Owners For Political Action (COPA)


ACRE stands for Action Committee for Rural Electrification. It is the Political Action Committee (PAC) for the nation’s electric cooperatives. Maintaining a strong grassroots presence in the political process is key to the long-term success of electric cooperatives nationwide.

COPA stands for Co-op Owners for Political Action and is the mechanism by which you can give your support to members of Congress who speak for electric cooperatives and who protect the interests of our members.

ACRE supports congressional candidates, regardless of political party affiliation, who share public policy goals that are consistent with the mission of members-owned electric cooperatives. Cooperative member-owners across the U.S. are participating in the ACRE/COPA program. You too can be part of the cooperative grassroots effort that keeps the electric cooperatives and their mission in front of our legislators.

If you want to keep the voice of rural electric cooperatives heard in the political process by participating in ACRE/COPA, visit  Ready to join?  Download a support form now.

In addition to signing up for ACRE, you can do more by letting your Congressional representatives know your opinion about legislation that affects your electric rates.

Keep the voice of rural electric cooperatives loud and clear to political representatives.