Be An Active Member

Be An Active Member


We Want YOU To Be An Active Member Of The Co-op!

In the early part of the 20th-century, municipal and investor-owned utility companies were providing electricity to cities and towns across the U.S. However due to the intensive costs of stringing wires across rustic terrain those companies were not interested in offering that same innovation to rural America.

In the spirit of cooperation, farmers and rural landowners (that’s YOU) came together to form rural electric cooperatives to do just that, provide electricity to consumers across the less-populated countryside. Together, we have created a cooperative that provides an essential service to you – the member.  Together, we have provided service to the Whitewater Valley for over 80 years.  Supporting our communities through social and economic services while staying true to our mission of providing safe, reliable and affordable electric power to improve the quality of life for all members.

Do you have a desire to serve?  To be more involved?  To give back to the cooperative membership?  Here are a few ways to get you started.

  • Attend the WWVREMC Annual Meeting.  It’s a great place to discover all the services and programs we offer our members.
  • Submit your application for a position on the WWVREMC Board or Nominating Committee.
  • Read the monthly member Powerlines newsletter.
  • Participate in Operation Round Up®.
  • Donate to our Shedding Light on Hunger Program.
  • Join us in one of our many community events such as Community Youth Day (CYD) in Fayette County.
  • Apply for one of the many Youth Programs we offer to our younger members.
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Twitter.

It’s still true today, Whitewater Valley REMC serves fewer members per mile of line than our urban counterparts, which puts constant upward pressure on your cooperative’s cost of service. Despite that disparity, as your not-for-profit cooperative, we go to great lengths to provide exceptional value and services while constantly working to go that extra mile by managing costs.

We are all in this together.