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About Your Bill

Bill Type
We have AMI meters installed in our territory and our goal is to pull reads on the same day each month. Occasionally, circumstances may prevent your meter reading from posting to your account. In that case, we will estimate your bill based on previous usage. When we are able to get a reading, your bill is prorated to account for any difference. The type of bill is shown under “Bill Type.”

Rate Schedule
The rate schedule that applies to your account shows under “Rate Schedule.”

Service Address
The service location is shown under “Service Address,” which may be different from the mailing address.

Wholesale Power Adjustment Charge
The Wholesale Power Adjustment Charge is shown under “Wholesale Power Adj. Per kWh,” and is what Whitewater Valley REMC charges to recover variable costs associated with providing electricity to your home or business. This charge can fluctuate, up or down, each month

Energy Charge
The line item Energy Charge is what Whitewater Valley REMC charges members per kWh to deliver the purchased power to their home or business. The Energy Charge is the seasonal component of the bill and will change according to the seasonal rate in effect. This charge covers the cost of the remaining portion of the physical facilities that the cooperative uses to deliver the energy to the customers. This charge also includes the wholesale rate Hoosier Energy charges Whitewater Valley REMC per kWh, which recovers the cost of energy that Whitewater Valley REMC buys from its supplier to meet customer’s needs each month.

Facility Charge
The Facility Charge reflects the cost to have electric service available for you whether you use any kWhs or not. This charge covers the cost of maintaining the customer related portion of equipment from your home to the substation and provides you with access to the electric grid. It is the minimum bill. Each Rate Schedule has it own Facility Charge.

Operation Round Up® (if member participates in this program)
Members who participate in Operation Round Up® volunteer to round up their electric bill to the next whole dollar. This change is put into the Whitewater Valley REMC Community Trust, Inc. Fund. Four times a year, funds are distributed to applying non-profit entities by the Whitewater Valley REMC Community Trust, Inc. Trustees.

Security light (if you have one of our security lights)
Whitewater Valley REMC offers two types of security lights. If you have one or more security lights, the charges for those lights are show as the Security Light line item.

Indiana Sales Tax
The State Tax line item reflects the Indiana Sales Tax of six percent.

Account Balance
The total of all current charges and any balance forward is shown here.

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